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Thursday, November 11, 2010

What does St. Philippine Duchesne say to us today?

I have a quote that I love of Philippine to share with you today:

His Wisdom governs me-
His Power defends me-
His Grace sanctifies me-
His Mercy encompasses me and
All will go well with me."

Often Philippine would write about her faults, her incapacity, her sense of failure, but at the same time she was animating her community and inspiring them to do great things for God. She was a happy person, content with what God gave her and with a great desire to do more for God, to convert the Indians, to help others in any way she could.
I am wondering what she wants to say to me this year as I prepare for her feast. I am sure she is urging me to be more grateful for the many graces I have received; I think she would be happy with my life but urge me to be more fervent, to look for ways to serve in little things, to find more time for prayer, and not to count the cost. I suspect that she would also want me to tell her about my desires and she would push me to have a heart open to the entire world.
Here is a prayer taken from a booklet novena to St. Philippine Duchesne:

(I seem to have lost it after typing it so I shall put it on tomorrow)

Lord Jesus, through the intercession of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, to your Sacred Heart I confide...(here I am putting my friend from Scotland, but you may add your own intentions, too) Only look...Then do what Your Heart inspires...Let Your Heart decide... I count on It...I trust in it...I throw myself on its mercy...Lord, Jesus! You will not fail me!..."

My 'walking' prayer today is: "Sacred Heart of Jesus to your intense desire for the conversion of sinners, I unite myself."

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