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Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Meeting Place with Jesus

For many reasons, I love this little house. I have a fantasy exercise that I used to use with students about imagining a house they discover in a favorite place and find their name on it. As they approach, Jesus stands at the door waiting for them. He welcomes them, offers them refreshment, shows them the house that is set up just for you with your favorite things, and then both of you sit and relax in front of the fire and just talk. Before you leave, Jesus tells you that He created this house for you so you would have a comfortable place to come and just be together. Then he gives you a gift. What does Jesus give you? And so the fantasy is an imaginative way of getting in touch with Jesus who is always waiting for us.
That is my thought for the day. My invocation is "Patience of the Heart of Jesus, do not weary of my heart."

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