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Monday, November 1, 2010

Feast of All Saints

I have spent time in the Chapel this afternoon; I have also prepared dinner for my community and have just been late in getting any computer work done. I am thinking about all the Saints and how much they help us, the canonized and the many in heaven that are not officially canonized. I suspect that many of us remember to pray to special people in heaven today. I begin with my parents and my younger brother, George, and I know that it is a gift to have so many of my family - grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins- up in heaven praying for me. This makes me very grateful!
My invocation from the litany of the Sacred Heart for today is "Sacred Heart of Jesus, to your thanksgiving I unite myself." I was saying it as I drove through the rain this morning and wondered why it is so helpful to have a special phrase to repeat each day now when I used to struggle to form the habit. Some things help us at one time and others at another.
I guess I should also mention how my afternoon prayer and spiritual reading is now usually on the Song of Songs. I have two books that I keep going back to but only read a sentence or maybe a paragraph before closing the books. One is Bernard of Clairvaux's Commentary on the Song of Songs and the other is a marvelous verse by verse reading of the Song of Songs by Blaise Arminjon, S.J. called "The Cantata of Love" that was translated and later published by Ignatius Press in 1988. I find it very helpful for prayer, but do not think I have ever read it all and now seem just to go back to favorite passages.

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