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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving, A Day and A Way of Life

We give thanks today for all our blessings! But we are ungrateful children if we do not turn daily to our Creator God who lavishes love on us in so many ways...
I am reading a book I received just two days ago called: "The Gratitude Factor: Enhancing You Life through Grateful Living" by Charles Shelton, S.J. It is a book that I know I will want to suggest to others as there are so many practical exercises and reflection questions throughout the book to help us grow in gratitude. Charlie Shelton is a licensed psychologist as well as a Jesuit priest and this is his sixth book. I am eager to sit down and read it.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and let us decide now to live a grateful life each day!

It is my brother's birthday and also the birthday of my former Dean and friend so do pray for John and Joe today. I remember vividly the Thanksgiving that my brother was born; we had just finished eating a huge turkey dinner at my paternal grandmother's and my mother told Daddy that she should probably go to the hospital and not go home. My Dad's youngest sisters said they would take her to my Dad could take us home first with my grandmother who had agreed to come and stay with us as my brother, George, would not be two until Christmas day. I was too excited to go to sleep that night until I heard that I had another brother born on Thanksgiving.

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