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Monday, November 15, 2010

An Older Mother Duchesne

When Mother Duchesne was sixty-five years old she described herself as "a worn out instrument, a useless walking stick, fit only to be hidden in a dark corner." She added, "God allows every circumstance to deepen this impression on my soul."

Three years later she is writing: "It seems I have outlived myself, and I see the time coming when I shall be good for almost nothing...I have time now to plant and tend our vegetable garden. This quiet work has one very great advantage- it brings such peace to the soul. This results, no doubt, from contact with the beauty of nature, which lifts one up to the Creator."

Just three years later Mother Duchesne is on her way finally to the Indian Mission at Sugar Creek, Kansas. There she was venerated by the Indians and named, "the woman who prays always". She loved the Indians and they loved her, but her health was such that her superiors felt that she should return to the convent at St. Charles where she spent the last ten years of her life.

Today's invocation from the Litany is Sacred Heart of Jesus, to Your will, I unite myself."

Our novena continues:
Lord Jesus, through the intercession of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, to your Sacred Heart I confide...(here I am putting my friend from Scotland, but you may add your own intentions, too) Only look...Then do what Your Heart inspires...Let Your Heart decide... I count on It...I trust in it...I throw myself on its mercy...Lord, Jesus! You will not fail me!..."

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