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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Love of the Heart of Jesus, inflame my heart!

My invocation from the Litany of the Sacred Heart is "Love of the Sacred Heart, inflame my heart!" As I say it today, I am thinking of St. Philippine Duchesne. Her heart was certainly inflamed by the love of the Sacred Heart and this allowed her to do heroic things for Jesus, but it was the daily duty done so faithfully from the morning call before dawn to the nights when she stole time for more prayer or went around the dormitories to see what was needed, or spent time writing to loved ones in France. Letters gave her pleasure when receiving news from across the sea, but she also wrote to give pleasure to others and to let them know about the American mission. Here is a prayer to her:
"O God who lovest souls and hast in all ages chosen apostolic hearts and endowed them with Thy knowledge and Thy love, hear the prayers which we offer through the intercession of Thy servant Saint Philippine Duchesne. Kindle in us the zeal with which her life was consumed, and grant that after following her example in charity, self-denial and prayer on earth, we may be admitted one day to the same glory in our heavenly country. Through Christ Our Lord, who livest and reigneth now and forever. Amen."

Check this out: - it is an article from one of the blogs listed on the right that is worth reading on electronic communication by a Bishop to his fellow bishops!

Our novena:last day!
Lord Jesus, through the intercession of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, to your Sacred Heart I confide...(here I am putting my friend from Scotland, but you may add your own intentions, too) Only look...Then do what Your Heart inspires...Let Your Heart decide... I count on It...I trust in it...I throw myself on its mercy...Lord, Jesus! You will not fail me!..."

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