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Monday, November 22, 2010

This is a picture of the first Thanksgiving; I am afraid it is a small picture but it makes me proud to think that we have been celebrating Thanksgiving for centuries and that the entire country is gathered around this national holiday each year. We have so much to give thanks for and sometimes it helps to keep a journal of gratitude so we begin to see how many little things happen to us each day that call forth gratitude on our part. In South Florida, the hurricane season closes on November 30 and so we can again give thanks that we have been spared the many hurricanes that have formed in the Atlantic but have not hit us. Poor Haiti has had earthquake, hurricane, storm, and floods, and now cholera. I guess when we give thanks we are also praying for those countries who are less fortunate. I pray for those without freedom as living in a free country is such a gift. I pray for those who suffer from a lack of water, food, and housing; I pray for those who are without work and are suffering because they cannot care for their families. I am grateful for my health, home, friends, vocation, family, and education - listed just as I was typing and not necessarily in that order but one does not prioritize gifts and all listed are pure gift!
Wisdom of the Heart of Jesus, teach my heart!" is my invocation for today from the Litany of the Sacred Heart.

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